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I am still salvaging and refurbishing lights and these are the very best choice in the present economy.  Are you building a new vessel or a structure on the coast?  If you are, the price of new marine lighting is familiar to you.  Consider these completely overhauled cast bronze fixtures made by R&S, Oceanic, Pauluhn and others for post war service.  Your savings will be about 50% and the quality is identical.

The Bulkhead light measures 6" deep, 10" long with a 4 1/2" diameter base, a ceiling model is also available.   The cast bronze fixture is completely cleaned of residual paint, new gaskets installed and ready for immediate installation. 

The fixtures are about 65 years old-on average, dating to 1940.  Some are newer but each receive complete overhaul.  There are some variations in the cage assembly and size of globe.  We always try to match as best as possible.  Lights are shipped un-polished.

 $200.00 Per light, postage paid.

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Left-One of my greatest days, aboard my ship with my son.  On the right my old shop where this MBA class project took root.